Thessaly region, Greece

Trikala prefecture is part of the region of Thessaly, with its capital  - the town of Trikala. The area includes the town of Kalampaka and the unique tourist monument -  the Meteora rocks with the monastery complex, built at the top of the rocks.

The southeastern part of the region belongs to the Thessaly Plain. The forested Pindus mountain range dominates the western part. The northern part of Trikala is also mountainous and covered by forests and barren lands; the mountain ranges here are Chasia and Antichasia.. Its major river is the Pineios, flowing to the south and east. Its climate is mainly of Mediterranean character, with hot summers and cold winters, along with temperate climate conditions by the mountains. This prefecture contains 18,3% of the total population of the Thessaly region. The total population of Trikala comes up to 138.047 citizens.

According to the statistic data, the higher percentage of the employees in the area works in the sector of tourism and services (50,09%), following the field of farming and animal husbandry (29,10%). The agriculture of the area is famous, and contributes a part of the country's export. Its well-known products include fruit and vegetables, cotton, olives, cattle and other foodstuffs.