The Goals

The Big Foot Project is devoted to intergenerational learning in the European mountain areas: valuing the knowledge of the older generations, and combining traditional knowledge with modern communications, in order to enable innovative, creative and productive solutions for local sustainable development.

The main goals of the Big Foot Project are:

  • Involving communities into an innovative and effective process for creating development opportunities in mountain areas, via identifying useful local resources and finding ways to benefit from them using the present – day means.
  • Elaborating a model for the development of rural areas focusing on reliance on internal resources for its implementation  - through the valorization of local elderly people.
  • Establishing connections between participating local people from different mountain areas across Europe to enable their cooperation and experience exchange.
  • Finding and compiling good practices that can be disseminated at regional level.
  • Through data collected during the project, allowing a comparison of mountain areas across Europe, providing a better understanding of their commonalities and differences, and therefore possibly providing guidance for future interventions and policy-making.
  • Presenting and disseminating the findings to a wide public and in a way that would stimulating reflection on the media and in the society, eventually fostering evidence-based policy making.