Big Foot publications are can be downloaded at the links to the left:

The Transferability Tool Kit is among the first publications to link Intergenerational Learning with Sustainable Development. It provides background information, suggests further sources (including other Big Foot publications) and illustrates examples of the Big Foot intergenerational learning activities in Berkovitsa, Bulgaria, Gubbio, Italy and Trikala, Greece in a colorful and lively way, and includes Tips and quotes from the project participants. It is available in English, Italian, Bulgarian and Greek!


The Intergenerational Approach Handbook has been developed as a facilitator guide for communities, organisations and individuals by providing a framework to plan how activities can be developed to address their particular interests and to be a gateway to a range of resources to support and inform this planning.

The Handbook, based on current intergenerational programmes, initiatives and practices, can be also used as a reference document for people already engaged in programmes by presenting procedures for assessing and evaluating those activities.

The Intangible heritage guides, produced by the local community participants with the help of the partners, will be composed of multimedia contents produced and developed during the project. The Guides area available in English and in the respective country languages 


The Participatory Maping Methodology and Guidlines were developed with the aim to give both a theoretical and a practical framework for the participatory mapping and community consultation context that the three Big Foot project partners involved in Experimentation have conducted during experimentation in their respective areas.