KENAKAP S.A. was established in 1992 for the implementation of the local LEADER Programme in the area of Kalampaka-Pyli.

KENAKAP S.A. constitutes a development tool for the local authorities of its area (Prefecture, Municipalities, Chamber, etc.) and acts as a catalyst for the promotion of the area's development objectives, especially through the multifaceted support that it provides to its local institutions.

KENAKAP S.A. has, among its shareholders, local authorities, agricultural cooperatives and the chamber of commerce of the area. KENAKAP S.A. is well networked, as a member in HELLADA, the Greek Union of Development Companies, in EGLEI, that promotes growth of human potential, as well as in ORA, the organization dealing with Opportunities for Rural Advancement. KENAKAP S.A. supports: a) the promotion of individual projects and local development initiatives, b) the local small to medium-sized enterprises and the local economy in general, c) the area's local authorities.

Role in the Project

Trikala Development Agency-KENAKAP SA will be in charge of developing the participatory mapping of Big Foot  - a key step of the project, which includes context analysis, driven by local population, as a first step in the involvement of the participating communities.

The context analysis will provide:

  • An overview of the target areas
  • The background, specific needs and gaps, for the planning of the learning activities
  • A collection of images, sounds, music and local figurative items in order to generate an “ethnographic picture” to provide materials for the remaining activities of the Project.

KENAKAP SA will contribute specifically in the experimentation phase, by organizing the testing in Trikala, Greece. Besides, it will have an important role in the identification of the intergenerational interventions supporting local development in a touristic perspective, facilitated by its role as a development agency for the local authorities of Trikala area, and its location in a special touristic area - Meteora – characterized by monasteries built at the top of the rock towers.