Gouré srl is a private research center offering consultancy services to public subjects at national level, on the programming, management, evaluation of European and national funding programs aimed at sustaining local socio-economic development. Its activity is organized in different intervention domains and within a network of different subjects, in order to guarantee a multidisciplinary approach.

Main intervention domains concern:

  • Studies and researches on socio-economic territorial development, social politics, strategic economy for enterprises and territories.
  • Consultancy on European Funds Management
  • Designing, organization, implementation of training programs at local , national and international level.
  • Identification and planning of territorial development programs.
  • Realization of local economy and business economics.

Role in the project

Gouré is the Big Foot Project coordinator and thus will supervise the correct management and implementation of all partnership activities in order to meet the project objectives, supporting the smooth project implementation.

Besides, thanks to its experience in evaluation of training and active labor policies, it will support the partners in identifying the most suitable intergenerational interventions to be implemented in the local testing areas. Gouré’s expertise in management of funded projects (ESF) will ensure that the full potential of the partnership’s diverse competences is valorized to properly fit the project objectives.