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The Start-up Public Evening

Mar. 20, 2012

On Tuesday the 20th March 2012, the first participated meeting with the local community -important phase of the project "BIG FOOT-Crossing Mountains Crossing Generation: towards the local development through the intergenerational dialogue in the mountains area"- has been organised by the Municipality of Gubbio, with the collaboration of Gouré srl.


"The Young and Elderly Generations, states the Councillor of Gubbio Municipality Michela Tinti- seem often separated realities, while they are really important to each others. The intangible heritage has to be considered a value, bridging the past and modern. It is really important to foster the dialogue among generations. The elderly acting as knowledge and traditions owners are really important for our community, in order to preserve and valorise the tradition in the future, mainly in this period of capacities desertification. The youngsters have, on the contrary, the ability to use multimedia and ICT tools, needed in the modern society of the mass communication which can be transferred to the elderly. Through the BIG FOOT Project we could re-discover the traditions and old professions which are disappearing, while encouraging at the same time the digital knowledge and the ICT tools".  


The public evening had two main objective: inform the participant about the project and to "consult" the local community in order to get their visions and ideas and to asses their needs.

The meeting involved 45 people among elderly and young people and members of local associations. The local Elderly association is composed by 400 affiliated and offers recreational activities to its members as dance classes, celebrations and trips.

The participants were firstly informed about the project and its objective and about the opportunity for them to be part of the Training - Learning Interventions. It was also the occasion to make them aware of their important role in the community as the owner of traditions and competences which thanks to this project will be the main actors as  becoming "the teachers" of old traditions and competences to transfer to the youngsters. It was also explained that this process will help the community to preserve the tangible and intangible heritage which has got an inestimable value for the future generations.


The elderly were really interested and they expressed their will to teach the cookery traditions, and knitting to the youngsters. They also said that the smith, the scalppellino builder and shoes repairing are professions which are disappearing.

At the contrary the young people recognized showed their interest in learning tailoring (patch of Capitani for the Ceri Festival) and the costumes during the Palio dei Quartieri and Palio della Balestra, knitting, learning the balestra (old traditions that can attract more people). 

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