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Third Stakeholder Consultation Meeting, Berkovitsa, Bulgaria

Jul. 03, 2012

On July 3rd the third consultation meeting with stakeholders in Bulgaria was held. It took place in the spacious hall of the local community center “Ivan Vazov – 1872” in Berkovitza , right after the presentation  of the book about one of the most honoured  citizens, who in the past was the director of the biggest factory in Berkovitza  - Georgi Evstatiev. The book was written by the author - Cecka Bonchina, who was born in Berkovitza municipality.

The following organizations attended the meeting: “Berkovitsa Patriotic Society “, “Philanthropist” Association, “National Leader “ – an association of the retired teachers; “The club of the retired citizens ” in Berkovitza; “Club Friends of Radichkov”, “Club of the Veterans”, “Club Patriot” from the village of Beli Mel”, choir “Zdravets” ; the word famous duo for folk songs  “ Karadjovi Sister’s”; folk group "Zlatitsa"; the  well-known opera singer – Kamen Vodenicharov,  as well as other citizens from Berkovitza and the surroundings.

A booth has been set up with information about the Big Foot project, brochures and questionnaires, which we use to screen potential stakeholders and find out the opinion of the citizens. The organizers were able to speak with a lot of people about the Big Foot project.  A total of 22 questionnaires were filled out, which provided a further understanding of the needs and the views of the local people, and confirmed the organizers ideas about the testing experiment.

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