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Dissemination Trip to St. Lazarus

Apr. 07, 2012

On April 7, 2012 in the village Borovtsi the participants of the community center "Development" under the direction of the secretary Elka Todorova Doncheva, reincarnated the custom lazarouvane.

Local children gathered in the square, dressed in folk costumes and started to sing the lazarski songs. After the short program at the square where we saw that children were very well prepared and thoroughly familiar with the custom-lazarouvane. After, the group went to the house of a hospitable family, where they were greeted by friendly hosts. The children performed again lazarski songs, wishing health and prosperity of the house, then the children were richly endowed by the family with gifts. From there the group continued its tour and visited other houses in the village. Foundation "Centre for Development of Northwestern Bulgaria “participated in the event, acquainting the small dancers and singers with the objectives of the project Big Foot.

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