Project partner meetings

Fourth Partner Meeting and Intergenerational Approach Training

Jul. 16, 2012 - Jul. 17, 2012

The Fourth Partner Meeting and Intergenerational Approach Training were organized by the MENON Network EEIG in Brussels, Belgium on 16th - 17th July, 2012.

The inter-generational learning methodology remains a necessary tool for the next steps on the pilot sites in Bulgaria, Greece and Italy.

Before focusing on the methodology, a general overview of realized steps allowed the partnership to set a good basis for the upcoming activities which are the core of the project itself - the experimentation on the pilot sites, based on inter-generational learning activities.

This approach will follow a detailed methodology elaborated by MENON Network EEIG and collected in the “Handbook for intergenerational service learning”. The main idea of this approach is the development of mutually beneficial activities for young and elderly people. Based on the consultation of the community needs, this approach should contribute to the community cohesion and to overcome barriers between generations.

The themes to be developed have been collected thanks to the participatory mapping - detailed consultations of the community needs and their visions of the local assets. A lot of ideas raised up, such as tourism development by re-discovering of the old paths known by the former generations, collecting of traditional cooking recipes by initiating elderly people to digital knowledge, construction of a school garden dedicated to education on environment, development of modernized ceramic courses etc.

According to a long list of ideas, it will be necessary to chose only some of them and focus on their development, in the frame of the intergenerational learning approach. In order to prepare this process correctly, a roundtable discussion allowed the partners to raise possible risks and dangers which might occur during their implementation, such as behavior dangers, security requirements or natural risks.

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