The Municipality of Gubbio covers a mountain territory of 525 kmq (32.930 inhabitants).It is located on the lowest slopes of Mt. Ingino and Monte Cucco, mountains of the Appennines.

Social and economic problems deriving from the depopulation are pressing throughout the area. The administration is trying to maintain the highest number of services in the area where the depopulation is more evident (transport, education, social assistance, etc.). These actions are implemented through accompanying measures, such as forests and territory management (high hydro geological risk) development of touristic and agro-touristic activities. In particular, the municipality policies are aimed at valorizing the traditional economic activities characterizing identity of the town, i.e production of ceramics. In connection with the economic policies, the social ones aim at facilitating the active and interactive transfer of competencies and skills to the younger generations.

Role in the project

The Municipality of Gubbio is the beneficiary organization and will be in charge of the experimentation component of the Big Foot project.

Besides its other specific roles, the Municipality of Gubbio will play a key role in the understanding of the constraints of marginalized areas, and on the need for raising public awareness about the specificities of mountain regions as resources with a great development potential.

Gubbio, located in a mountainous area, presents a living example of both the constraints that the project tries to address: geographical marginalization of the area as well as social marginalization of the elderly population, but also a great number of cultural resources to be valorized. Thus, Gubbio will provide guidance to the partners for the experimentation phase.

Besides, it will support the dissemination of all the Big Foot transnational activities at the local level, in order to get a reciprocal valorization of the project outcomes and to facilitate an interactive knowledge transmission.