The Institute of International Legal Studies (ISGI) is a scientific body of the National Research Council (CNR), which conducts research, training and consulting in the high field of environmental law (international, European, and national) as sets of rules, including the

  • organization, which govern the life of the community;
  • implementation of international treaties and the conformity of national legislation;
  • decision-making support systems for the management of strategic ecosystems;
  • systemic management of transboundary protected areas;
  • forms of cooperation
  • and relevant means for sustainable development.

Special attention has been given to the analysis of the evolution of international environmental law and management systems for protected areas. The scientific activity of ISGI is characterized as a whole, by the deployment of multi-year projects, many of them of a multidisciplinary nature, in which the Institute works with other bodies and institutions, both inside and outside the CNR.

Role in the project

CNR has a transversal role in the project development, but nevertheless a strategic one. By sharing all the activities with the Big Foot partnership, it will focus its contribution on the development of the learning interventions, within the Intergenerational Community Service Learning, and especially taking into consideration the participatory process and the civic engagement of the communities.